Monday, September 8, 2008

First Post

Until this very minute, I've never considered starting a Blog. Ever. Primarily because I'm almost positive that I do not possess the desire, nor the inclination, to update it on a regular basis; and secondly because I hardly see myself posting enough insightful material to keep even the most web-obsessed browsers interested.

Don't get your hopes up, however; I fear that my motivations are somewhat skewed, as they are driven only by my obsession with squeezing out any and every grade percentage I can.
The possibility of bonus marks in my 3rd year university course is enough motivation to at least give it a shot, So, here I am! 24 years old, slacker at heart, who enjoys video games almost as much as hearing the sound of my own voice.

Perhaps, if I'm overcome with an overwhelming desire to share my musings with the world, I will update this page. But please, don't hold your breath. You'll probably die long before anything significant comes out of this page.

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